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Our online shop distinguished itself by having a good range of different compasses. Even today, a compass is essential on board and belongs to the standard equipment of every ship. By using a compass, the cardinal points can be determined by means of a magnetic field and indicate where north is. Nowadays seamen still orient themselves with a compass in their hand, even though modern GPS devices can take this task over.

Magnetic compass and steering compass

The magnetic compass is made up of a casing, a rotating needle as well as magnetic material. To this day, the magnetic compass is mandatory as emergency compass on ships. It is normally located at the top on the compass platform (deck on top of the bridge) in the midship line. Choose either our compass with a brass ring in a wooden case or a chrome-plated model in a mat, black present box.

Nickel-plated compass Ø 75mm

• Nickel-plated compass Ø 75mm

Ready for shipment within 2-3 days   Ready for shipment within 2-3 days
108.00 EUR
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